Hello little one,

You were told to be quiet, my dear. And you followed those instructions so well, didn’t you? You wanted to be good, and you wanted to protect him, and so you were quiet and kept everything a secret.

Today I want to tell you that we are going to separate two things: loving your family and keeping quiet. Go ahead and keep on loving your family. That’s a good thing. You can love them and know that they love you too.

But you don’t need to be quiet anymore. You don’t need to protect any grown-ups. Since they are grown-ups, it’s their job to take care of themselves. Kids don’t have to take care of grown-ups. And kids don’t have to keep secrets for grown-ups. It’s ok to talk about things that happened to you, even if someone told you not to. It doesn’t mean you are bad or disloyal. It doesn’t mean you will get in trouble.

It’s very important, little one, to be able to tell your truth. It’s part of being a healthy, balanced, happy person, which is what I wish for you.

Your own truth is not what someone else says it is. It is your experience, your thoughts, your feelings, and your dreams and desires. Those things make up your truth, and I give you loving permission to know it and tell it.

Love from

the older, wiser Q.