One of yesterday’s topics in my session with E. was planning for the return of Doubt on September 1, after her two months at the beach. What role will she play, now that she’s no longer allowed to dominate? How can I keep her from trying to re-establish her old position? And how do I protect the wounded little girl, who is rather nervous about Doubt’s return.

It’s been working well for us to play with metaphor and personification of the different parts of myself. So E. suggested that I create a new room that Doubt can move into when she comes back. It should be a comfortable room, she suggested, with a view. That way Doubt can look out the window and check to see if there is any nonsense coming my way that she should warn my about. She can have a big cozy bed with a soft comforter, so she sleeps a lot. It should be a big room with cupboards for all her things. That way she has somewhere to put her stuff, instead of strewing it all over the house, leaving traces of herself in the living room.

I like this idea that the various parts of me all live in a house that I can set up as I choose. It seems like a good time to rearrange the rooms. Doubt gets her pretty room with the view, but it’s up in the attic, a little tucked away. The girl gets her own room on the second floor, between the Wise Woman and Hope. The girl needs to get to know Hope better; Hope can help lift her heart. I can also move Intuition and Authenticity to the second floor near her. The girl can put locks on her room when she needs to, and only the Wise Woman can open the locks. Her room is decorated with things she likes: a canopy bed, a mural of unicorns and fairies on the wall. (I can’t help it; I loved all that stuff when I was young.)

After I get the bedrooms rearranged and decorated appropriately for the many residents (fortunately it’s a very big house, expandable even, and lucky for me, the mortgage is paid off), I will need to make some house rules. It’s my house, and residents need to follow the rules.

I like this idea and will play with it some more. Where will Anxiety stay? If Depression is a mermaid siren as I imagined her, the house can have a basement tunnel out to sea. She can swim around in the waters, and if she comes back in the house too often, I will have to figure out a way to block the tunnel.