I just watched another episode of a Swedish TV show with my husband (he’s Danish and we’ve been watching only Scandinavian TV and movies for months now; at the moment we’re watching Henning Mankell’s Wallander.) We just watched the episode in which a man who was imprisoned fifteen years earlier for murder and whose daughter died while he was in prison decides to avenge his daughter by taking the daughters of the policemen who caught him. Lots of twists as they try to find out who he is, and then suspense as the policemen try to rescue their daughters in time. Whatever. Just a TV show.

The point is, those fathers were willing to risk anything to rescue their daughters. They loved them intensely, and the daughters knew it. They could count on their dads to be interested in them, to care about their lives, to spend time with them, and to go to any lengths to protect them.

I just wonder what that’s like. It must be an amazing feeling.