Three Days / Three Quotes Challenge

Day 1

This quote by the ever-so-wise Thich Naht Hanh is so well aligned to what I’m learning in therapy from E. “All parts of ourselves yearn for wholeness,” she tells me, and “Anxiety is just alerting you to something that might be coming up, something you should attend to or prepare for. Irritation or anger are saying that something doesn’t feel right or fair to you. These are all healthy parts of yourself, not something to push away or deny.”

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Here’s the rules of the Three Days / Three Quotes Challenge that lettersnevermeanttobedelivered sent my way (thank you very much; and I want you to know I’m so glad to have discovered your blog):

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone, or anything.

On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the quotes.

Here are three nominees for today. They should feel free to decline if they aren’t in the mood to write about quotes – no pressure. Regardless, it gives me an opportunity for me to highlight a few of the many blogs I enjoy and learn from.

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Thanks to tellingheavysecrets for posting this quote. I had read it before, but long ago, and your recent posting brought it back to me.