I’m sharing on my blog because I find it so gentle and touching.

Becoming a Warrior Queen

It’s time to let go.
I know you were very hurt and terribly abused.
It’s over.
It’s not happening anymore.
I will never let anybody abuse you like that again.
I will not abuse you.
Please stop trying to make me remember every minute of every day.
I remember.
I’ll never forget.
I’m working on letting go.
I need you to help me with letting go.
I need you to cry while I grieve.
I need you to shout and hit the punching bag when I’m angry.
I need you to dance when I’m happy.
I need you to be still with me in the peaceful moments.
I need you to see the beautiful things.
I need you to hear the music that keeps me alive.
But, I need you to stop with the pain from the past.
You and I…
We are grown-up.
You are not a girl’s body…

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