My husband and I just arrived back in Quito after spending eight days in the Galapagos. It really couldn’t have been more wonderful. We have many stories and literally hundreds of photos, but today there is just one message I wanted to share.The number one thing I learned from being on the islands, whether hiking a volcano or strolling on a beach or (my personal favorite) snorkeling with penguins, sea lions and many, many varieties of fish, is that there are multiple ways of being wonderful. Creatures can be small,  large, furry, colorful, pale, fast, or slow. They can only appear on one specific island in all the world, or they can be common all over the Galapagos, or appear here and in other locations. They are all fascinating. They do not have to be a certain way or be like all the others.

And this is true of us as well. It’s something to remember. We are fine and even wonderful as we are. And there’s a place that fits us just right, whether we know it right now or not. We all belong to the vast and amazing diversity of life that belongs on this planet.

Love to all of you from Ecuador! — Q.

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