Sometimes I share my blog with E. I decided to share my long week (last week) with her, because 1) I wanted her to know what I was juggling and 2) I wanted to talk about all the conflicting feelings I have about my relationship with her, and I thought the blog would open that up and make it easier to get started.

(Btw, for those of you who comment, when I share my blog, I copy and paste it into a document. If I include comments, I change all the names. Then I make it into a PDF with no live links and email it to her.)

When I get to my session today, the first things she says is, “I meant more sun.”


“On that text,” she explains.

Ah, she’s talking about the part in last week’s blog where I felt dismissed by her text.

“You sent a picture of a sun. And I wrote, ‘I’m lovin’ it. More tomorrow!’ I meant ‘More sun tomorrow’. I actually worried for a minute but then thought, no she’ll know what I mean. But you didn’t.”


“No, ” I say. “I didn’t.”

“I’m sorry I hurt you,” she says, seriously.

“It’s texting,” I say. “I like it but it leaves room for misunderstanding. I know I was looking for the negative.”

This led to a whole conversation about what parts of me react to the texts and what they need. It was a very meaningful session, but I’ll have to write about on another day.