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Can I Tolerate My Own Neediness?

I’m sick. The last two days, I have either been in bed or sitting on the toilet, as some virus wrings my guts out. I know, yuck, right? I almost didn’t write it because I didn’t want to gross you all out. Yesterday, it wasn’t all that bad, but today I’ve been quite miserable. And…



Today I’m being unreasonable. I know it. I also know that “all my feelings are acceptable,” even the unreasonable ones. So this evening, I’m trying to find some kind of balance between allowing myself to pout and fret because things are changing in a way I don’t want and accepting that things have to change.

Health Insurance Freakout

I’ve now been unemployed for 19 days. I wrote earlier about giving up my very interesting but insanely demanding job in the hopes of improving my mental and physical health. But the irony is that in giving up the job, I also give up the excellent health insurance that was one of the benefits of…