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Therapy Retreat, Part I

I spent last weekend at a women’s retreat run by my therapist, and it was a very big deal to me. It’s only this afternoon (Tuesday) that I have started to have room for thoughts about anything but the emotional impact of the past few days. How can I tell you about it? I’ve turned…

Disability, Mental Health, Mistrust of Psychiatrists but Trust in Mom: A Story about my Son

Tonight I’m not writing about my mental health, but rather my son’s. My older son has developmental disabilities and at times (like now) mental health problems. His diagnoses have included Asperger’s syndrome (no longer in the DSM), pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and depression. I think he has a learning…

Just Outside the Universe

I’ve spent this summer feeling stuck. It was early July when E asked me if we could change the time of a session, and I spun off, soaring through space and landing on Planet “I-can’t-trust-her;-she-doesn’t-really-care,” where I have been residing uncomfortably ever since.