Therapy Retreat, Part IV

Continued from Part III. I get about 20 minutes sleep, and it’s time for the group to meet again. We all bring our collages, which are about as different as they can be. E has us put a piece of blank paper with our collage and pass it to the right. We look at the…



Today I’m being unreasonable. I know it. I also know that “all my feelings are acceptable,” even the unreasonable ones. So this evening, I’m trying to find some kind of balance between allowing myself to pout and fret because things are changing in a way I don’t want and accepting that things have to change.

Who is My Mother? Part III (Sort of)

Ah, clearly I’ve been working myself up to Part III, my mother in my teenage years. And now that I’m here, I want to back out. Never mind, I think. It’s all old news, anyway. She did what she felt she could at the time, and some of it wasn’t enough for me. End of story. Though of…

Just Outside the Universe

I’ve spent this summer feeling stuck. It was early July when E asked me if we could change the time of a session, and I spun off, soaring through space and landing on Planet “I-can’t-trust-her;-she-doesn’t-really-care,” where I have been residing uncomfortably ever since.